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Five Publishers Understand Importance of Standard Platform

Five major magazine and newspaper publishers on Tuesday announced plans to build an industry-standard platform to present their work on the Web, phones and e-readers in a richer, more flexible and more lucrative form than is possible today. The consortium of Time Inc., Conde Nast, the Hearst Corporation, Meredith and the News Corporation does not lack for ambition, hoping to design software primarily for devices that do not yet exist – cellphones more advanced than anything now on the market and e-readers far more sophisticated than today’s mostly static, black-and-white devices via Five Magazine and Newspaper Publishers Introduce Their Digital Newsstand. This is what we’re working on with the Florida Media Co-operative. Making it easy for readers to move among our sites is just the first step. Continue Reading →

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Have Laptop, Will Travel

For those who may not know, Lakeland Local is not-for-profit. That’s what happens when you don’t see out subscribers or advertisers.

It doesn’t cost as much as putting out main stream media, but I’ve been content to cover the cost of publishing. However, writing for this new media is a solitary life for the most part.

I’ve worked out of my home office since arriving in Lakeland, and frankly, the view has grown stale. Continue Reading →

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